Experiences: Connective Cities

Originally Published by Daniela Marzavan CEO of Marzavan Innovation. at Marzavan.com

We dared the connective cities global network to stay connected and adapt to the new normal.

Participants: 509 cities
Duration: Ongoing
Client: The Connective Cities Community of Practice
Where: The Internet

Connective Cities is an international platform conceived to create a network of urban practitioners around the world to enhance dialogue and facilitate experiences between hundreds of municipalities located in Sub Saharan Africa, MENA, Southeast Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The core value proposition of this joint venture have always been the meaningful personal encounters between people with a high level of expertise and passion in administration, politics as well as business, science and civil society. Marked by personal friendship, delightful field trips, regional food, music and unique experiences.

How do you transfer the essence of this project to a globalized and digitalized living lab focused on applying Sustainable Urban Development solutions and creating new synergies?

How do you keep the human factor and the excitement for learning from other practitioners through a computer screen?

This was the perfect place challenge for a Change Darer playground.
Driven by a 10-years long history of projects around urban development, multiculturalism and Meraki, we accepted the invitation to take up a leading role within a brilliant group of international masterminds – digital educators, tech and sustainability experts and local moderators.

Surrounded by them, and going beyond lockdown’s obstacles, we designed The Playbook for Digital Networking and Planning Events for Connective Cities. An adaptable framework brewed in a 100% virtual space that promotes experience and knowledge trade between sustainability experts, citizens, and municipality actors. A framework including strategies for Zooming Out and orchestrating the whole process, as well as Zooming-In and capturing every single story and person in the virtual room.

A co-creative transnational yard that let us successfully deliver three events in southeast Europe, Asia, and Latin America. As a result, in this vast region, a group of 31 collaborators and experts gave life to four climate-focused challenges for Portoviejo (Ecuador), Risaralda (Colombia), Boa Vista, Niteroi, and Tome Acu (Brasil). Four new projects that merit their own spaces and let the doors open for creating new realities through virtuality.

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