Services for Organisations

Research of Context, Trends and Futures
Long and short term research on specific topics to identify opportunities.

  • Our user and trend research team is made up of anthropologists, sociologists, semiologists, big data analysts and trend experts supported by a network of correspondents in more than 20 countries in America, Europe and Asia through which we detect the perceptions , and preferences in different cultures and the relevant signals that determine the future of market trends.
  • Each of the members of this network has been previously trained by us to capture, analyze and decode relevant information for your brand or organization in different parts of the world.
  • For more information on our research projects, check out our country sites or sign up for following this blog  to access executive summaries and trend reports.

Advice and Diagnosis for Innovation and Change, Development of Skills and Competencies
Exploration of scenarios and innovation possibilities according to the particular case of the organization.

When your organization feels the need to innovate to optimize its value proposition, experts from our team will help you map opportunities and viable scenarios to strengthen the future of your business. We co-create the diagnosis and work together to visualize the true opportunities in the short, medium and long term.

Planning and implementation of Innovation and Change Processes, Business strategy and planning

Whether it’s aligning a recently merged leadership team or defining the enterprise-level 5-year plan, we can define an approach and assemble a peer-level team to develop the strategy you need to excel.

In these rapidly changing times it’s easy to let the important work of defining new business strategy fall to the side. Ongoing restrictions on in-person meetings adds additional challenges to developing a strategic plan, marketing strategy or product roadmap.

We support long-range processes that involve several departments or several organizations. Once the opportunities and scenarios have been mapped, together we can help your team plan and implement their innovation processes and train your staff to manage change through of the activities, workshops and in-company training that we offer through La Innovation Kitchen.

Customer Experience and Service Design, Processes and Experiences
Each organization has different needs and processes. We can contribute to the growth and optimization of parts of your processes, support the specific design of service systems, commercial and public services, and internal processes and protocols, with the help of collective data intelligence tools and efficiency analysis. We apply systems thinking tools, design thinking and multiple business design methodologies for your company or institution. to see some examples visit the Projects page.

Solutions Design
We provide support for teams to develop solutions to complex problems through a systematic, human-centered process.

Different types of problems require different problem solving approaches. But what do you do when you’ve tried every approach and you still don’t get the results you’re looking for? Often problems that are hard to solve with existing methodologies are so complex and multi-faceted that you just don’t know where to start. We can help you find solutions to these types of ‘vexing problems’ by taking a structured and systematic approach.

Capability Building, Culture of innovation, development of people and teams
Through customized programs of training, mentoring, process design and storytelling we help grow your organizational capability to innovate.

We teach your teams the methodology, tools and mindset to become design thinkers. Whether it is one of our open-enrollment courses at DT Academy, or customized course designed for your organization’s specific needs, we provide training and certificate programs to help professionals achieve their personal and professional goals.

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