Training at DTG

Welcome to La Innovation Kitchen, DTG USA and DTG Brazil

We are a creative learning space aimed at professionals. We cook creation and innovation by sharing our key ingredients. We offer a complete menu of specialized methods, tools and ideas to obtain concrete results of excellent quality.

We believe in new ways of teaching, in social, safe and experimental environments which will make you a visionary thinker. We help grow professionals prepared to act in disruptive ways.

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Training Programs.

The courses and activities at The Innovation Kitchen are part of 3 major programs, strategically created to maximize learning in different areas of interest. These are:

Design of services: Aimed at employees of companies and public institutions. including internal services in the company and commercial services for clients
Business Design: From business models, to marketing and expansion strategies for large and small companies, institutions and organizations.
Entrepreneurship: For entrepreneurs and intra-entrepreneurs with their own projects and initiatives inside or outside large companies.

Each of them includes between 7-9 dynamic and functional courses. Which will be carried out in a period of 6 months. In which you can grow as a professional, coming to completely master each topic.

Mix n’ Match

We know that each professional is different, with different needs and interests. That’s why we created the Mix n’ Match option.

We can build your own custom program. Choosing the courses you want from each program. We adapt to your taste, we let you cook what you like the most with us.

The Seekers

And if you just want to come to a course? No matter! You can be our seeker. We give you the option to buy only one course (although we know that later you will want to come to more).

The events

Throughout the year we offer different events. Some are part of our programs, others are to inspire and cook together. Some of them :

  • Talks and webinars.
  • Cooking nights.
  • Book clubs.
  • Innovation trips and tours.
  • Themathic Weeks (Service Design Week, Futures, Bootcamps, Sprints, etc.)
  • Online workshops, among other exciting options.

The 1o1’s

Have you ever wondered what Service Design is? How Design Thinking works? Do you have a notion of what you think Business Design is? Entrepreneurship? Lots of questions…but not too little time?

We invite you to participate in our 1o1’s. Short two-hour introductions to various topics of interest that are studied in our courses and programs. You will know a little more about

  • Agile
  • Design Thinking
  • Service Design
  • Business Design
  • Customer Research
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Facilitation
  • Systemic Thinking

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