The Scope of Possibilities of Lifestyle Research

Why Lifestyle Research in Europe? : Local Markets as Global Mirrors.

Many recipes, trends, methods and products have been born or have a long history, tradition and development in European countries, they are key information for filling with added value all processes of marketing and creativity. The more you know, the more you can do. From an Ice Cream recipe to the way gossips run in a community, Cultural sub-dimensions thrive as people behave in the more diverse and creative ways, often imperceptible to the radar of traditional research techniques. Our cultural exploration offers several varied advantages by creating innovative ad-hoc consumer research services, such as studies of immigrant communities, extreme sports fans, or user feedback.

We delve constantly into the latest trends in music, art, fashion, design, cinema, popular culture and technology, providing street level intelligence and unique insight presented in a practical context for marketers. Our research use qualitative techniques and include photographs, videos, interviews, samples, graphics and databases. We do not only focus on discovering lifestyles but also on identifying outstanding inspiration sources and key ideas as opportunities.

Local European trends usually provide great points of view for innovation.

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