Our Job: Creating Contents to Connect with your Audience

AlgoBueno is an organization devoted to Cultural Research and Contents Production : In this sense we do not just make videos, or site or publications. We create stories you wish to share with your audiences based on a previous research, future scenarios and a deep brand identity. We call it brand contents.

Created in Barcelona in 2008 by a team with long experience, we have developed  projects and services for  HBO Time-Warner, Starz Media, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Momentum McCann Sweden, Seat Motors (Audi group), CapGemini Spain, WebMD – Conceptis Canada, TLC Marketing UK, Lifestyle Experience Group, projects in Knowledge and Lifedimension Germany among other agencies and companies. Cost effective production, visuals, publications, series & events from the most versatile European location.

Some of our activities:

items Recorded Contents Production

Photography We are experts in Planning, Casting, Location Scouting, Transportation, Insurance, Permits, Lodging and Hiring professional teams (technicians, grips, make up artists, models,  hairdressers,  etc.) We have  produced Fashion, Product, Portrait and Event Photography for different industries. Professional in-house Photographers available. Video & TV Our team has successfully developed Pre-production, Production and Post-Production stages of Commercials, Documentaries, Spots and TV Specials. (Same preproduction services as for Photography) also dealing with different professionals including, Sound Engineers, Art Directors, Lighting Technicians, Studio and Equipment rental, Power sourcing and Transportation, etc. Film Our experience in film is limited to executive pre-production, exhibition and still photography, with connections at some key film events in Barcelona. Short film Producers and Art Directors collaborate with us.


Copy, Texts and Publications, Articles, Reviews and Press about music, trends, movies, DVDs, fashion, design, books, contemporary arts, travel. cities and places. written in English Spanish German, french and Italian. Interactive Stories webites, webvideo, animation, publications, social networks strategies online and offline events. Social Networks profiling online communities and generating proper languages to interact online with them and participate in their daily life.

Experience Design

Massive Events : big moments for a large number of people, (concerts, festivals, contests, etc) using the cultural industries and the mass media to reach a public impact and launch messages regionally or nationally . Cultural Events: designed for reduced groups, urban tribes, communities or specific demographics generating cohesion and empathy. frequently related to cultural expressions , community celebrations, folklore, etc. Learning Events: events that involve knowledge transmission (workshops, seminars, conferences, lectures, learning and training programs, user´s manuals, e-learning)

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