Dead Space Downfall launched on DVD & Blue Ray. Case Study

DS animated movie
DS animated movie

Finally after a very hard and continuous work during the last summer Dead Space Downfall the movie based on the video game by EA has been launched. We dealt with the dubbing supervision  for Germany, Italy, Spain, Latinamerica, Brazil & China´s subtitles. Amazing time records for translation, verification and talent to develop high quality versions on each language. the movie itself deals with strong emotions a very well written script, great characters and a thrilling environment. Italy and Germany were the most successful versions developed by globusine & TV+Synchron respectively, two talented teams that worked on time and very professionally.

DS´s launching in Germany was a success, we looked all around the globe for merchandising that could be as cool and original as the movie and the videogame, designed t-shirts, toolboxes, jackets and a flashlight key chain that was the only prototype released. The design of the DS standee was in charge of our production studio and you can see it here.

A cool movie, a great experience and a lot of exciting work. visit DS official website at


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