Our Job: Understanding your Clients

Our activities are oriented to Cultural Research and Contents Production.

Cultural Discovery and Inspiration

Whatever your client’s goals may be we help with the development of research projects, collecting relevant information for you . We look for trend and  cultural Inspiration among the most active and influential cultural groups ( youth, entrepreneurs, immigrants, women and trendsetters, as well as other groups like researchers, social activists,  academics, users, affiliates, etc.) understanding the social processes and developing a link between communities and you.

Our work is developed through:

Field Work Research on cultural and lifestyle topics such as regional or local trends, urban tribes, cultural expressions, products, habits, traditions and more.

Cultural Discovery work allows us to conduct research in key places where cultures find expression and live out their traditions, surveying and interviewing the people who most actively participate in creating lifestyles, trends,  cultural & social movements.

We currently research and produce Live Contents that include live  expressions (concerts, seminars, workshops, fashion shows, exhibitions, festivals, etc. ) and Recorded Contents referring to creations shaped for media (photography, webvideo, articles and reviews, press kits, etc.)

Recently created in Barcelona by a team with long experience in these areas, we have developed projects and services for HBO Time Warner, Starz Media, Momementum McCann, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Seat Motors (Audi group), WebMD – Conceptis Canada, TLC Marketing, Lifestyle Experience Group among other agencies and companies.

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