Ready for Procter & Gamble´s Summer Innovation Bootcamp in Barcelona?



Procter & Gamble, The Innovation Kitchen, The Master’s Degree in Research for Design and Innovation of ELISAVA, and HTW Berlin and present «The Internet of Things – A Design Thinking Approach» 3, 4 and 5 September.

 We all have a ‘smart’-phone. What if other things were ‘smart’?

Like a ‘smart’-bottle that measures my water consumption or a ‘smart’-basketball that provides me with feedback about my game? What is the value of having a ‘smart’-fridge that provides me with information about my aliments? These are the next generation connected products. What is their value for individuals and society? Are these solutions human-centered or technology-centered?

What can the Internet of Things do for the end-user and how can companies communicate the value of Iot to the still very confused and fuzzy-informed consumer?

With tools and methods of Design Thinking and connected approaches you will discover needs and provide solutions starting with the questions above.
What you Will Get:

-A Free DesignThinking Summer Course at The Innovation Kitchen Barcelona
-You will w
ork on ideas for a global company on a real challenge!
-You will learn Design Thinking by doing with two international professors and experts!
-You will collaborate in interdisciplinary teams from Barcelona and Berlin and pitch your idea!

-100€ for your participation and Expenses

Don’t miss it.

In order to take part in this event you just need to:

1. Fill out your registration at this form.
2. Upload a 1 minute video to The Innovation Kitchen Facebook page telling us why you are  elegible candidate for participating in this Bootcamp.
3. We´ll let you know if you have selected to participate in this adventure.
4. Deadline for registration and video upload august 15 2015.

Who is eligible?
– Curious minded people from technology, economics,design or arts background are welcome.
– People familiar or interested in IoT technology or willing to learn more about it?
– Open-minded, quick-learner, hard-working and fun people.

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