FUEL Magazine Spring 2012

FUEL Magazine Spring 2012 by AlgoBuenoStudio


Once more Fuel Magazine is OUT with a cover image from Claudio Parentela and more contributors than ever.

You can enjoy the work of Natia Rekhviashvili, Laura Allard-Fleischl,Artibani Francesco,Alexander Alekseenko, yvielfe, Leo & Pipo, Erik Panov, odimee, tania.shcheglova, Andreas Schimanski, CrummyGummy, scott.hunter, eaubscene,Jillian Camille, johann darcel, vrettypacant,chantel beam, conehorror, Laetitia Gorsy, Eleonora Federico, Ingri Haraldsen,soul-shattering, Vadim H, zoe_veg, KORTO Photography, gogoloopie, Martha.butterflycaught, Sydne Leavitt, Jessie Thatcher, Mariana Quevedo, popdoog, SAV45, mistersincere, Levi-Miller, karlchesk, ode on melancholy, Maya Felder, Jessie Thatcher, homa parwana, Alvaro Sendra Gonzalez, and Loulou de la Motte

We are proud to see this collective project grow.

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