Algo Bueno at MACC

Last week, the Tenerife Auditorium in Canary Islands was an spectacular setting for our presentation about the Creative Talent Bank during MACC.

MACC (Mercado Atlántico de Creación Contemporánea) Atlantic Market for Contemporary Creation,  a new and interesting event for all those involved in Arts and Entertainment in Europe. we had the opportunity to see and meet a lot of very talented artists and company, attend expert panels, lectures and shows and also enjoy the incredible landscape of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands.

We were really happy to enjoy the workshops, the exhibition and to get in contact with wonderful projects and government programs that encourage creative industries to have a wider impact on society trhough communications, marketing, arts, educations and many other ways

Our presentation, featured our association with the Artehoy Foundation in Colombia for developing Creative Projects in Latin America, the recent work of Algo Bueno in Research, Music, Film, Fashion, Museum and Performing Arts and the projects developed by Algo Bueno Studio in the field of Video, Photography and Creative Contents production.

The whole event used the metaphor of the market as a way to encourage, exchange, business and networking among participants, here a couple of picture of our market outfit and market booth.

A video of our presentation is also available.

Paco Seco at MACC

img_7543Algo Bueno at MACC

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